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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is your blog about? 

Meet the Cassidy's is a motherhood and lifestyle blog, covering a variety of topics from DIY, wellness, fashion, home decor, and more (with a realistic approach.)

Question: How did you and your husband meet?

We met through a mutual friend in high school.

Question: How did you get started in blogging?

I started my first blog in high school, called Sincerely Seventeen, and a few other cringe-worthy blogs since then. 

Question: How can I get started in blogging?

Just start! Don't overthink it. You have a story to tell and a unique voice to tell it. 

Question: Where do you shop for clothes and home decor?

I'm a sucker for the Target clearance section, Marshall's, Homegoods, Second-Hand Stores, Facebook Marketplace, and local boutiques. Oh, and of course, Amazon.

Question: Why are all of your recipes gluten-free?

My daughter and I eat strictly gluten-free due to an autoimmune condition. Due to this we only prepare gluten-free meals in our home to avoid cross-contamination. You can read more on that in addition to finding useful gluten-free resources on my other site at 

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